Booksellers with experience. 

We have spent the past forty years searching for and selecting the best publications from around the world. This focus allows us to offer you a truly useful catalogue and be an indispensable tool in your creative process.

Specialists in fashion, plus a lot more besides.

Fashion and design are highly competitive creative sectors, and people who work in them need to keep up to date when it comes to the latest trends. At Promopress, we work hard to offer you publications that will connect you with information and content on designs and trends that will inspire you, nurture your talent and increase the value of your brand. We are also experts in design, architecture, interiors, visual culture, arts, crafts, drawing and painting, as well as in creativity-focused works aimed at children. Our catalogue is diverse but always guided first and foremost by creativity.

Close at hand.

Your professional concerns are the essence of our business, and we believe that the best way for us to understand those concerns is by making sure we’re close at hand.  

You will find us:

  • At our bricks-and-mortar bookshop in Barcelona. Come and visit us, and we’ll help you find the publications that you need to inspire you and push your career forward.
  • At your profession’s main events. The Promopress team attends multiple national and international events every year. Come and find our stand and stay and chat with us.
  • Click here to see our events calendar for this year.
  • On the Internet and social networks. Follow us on:, facebook:LaLibreriadelaModa y twitter:@LibreriadeModa • On the phone: +34932451464. You can call us between Monday and Friday for advice on whatever you need help with.


As a team.

We are one big team that works with a single objective: to fully meet our readers’expectations.


With persistence and passion.

For forty years, we have been passionately seeking out the most cutting-edge publications for our customers.

With love.

Our beautiful books and magazines stand out because they’ve been made with care. 

With empathy.

When we are putting together our catalogues, we are always thinking about our readers’ creative and professional needs.

our ambition

We would love Promopress to be there throughout your creative process. Out goal is for our catalogue to make an enriching contribution to what you do through bringing you closer to the cutting edge and providing you with creative inspiration, whether you work in fashion or another field from the world of visual and artistic culture.