1.  Presentation and identification of the site owner

The website is owned by PROMOTORA DE PRENSA INTERNACIONAL, S.A., with CIF number A-08497992 and located at C/ Ausias Marc 124 08013-Barcelona, which is registered as a company dedicated to the dissemination, promotion, distribution and sale of publishing content, among other activities, and is recorded in the Barcelona Commercial Register, Volume 3829 Folio 227, sheet number 40383 (hereafter PROMOPRESS).


  1.  Description of activities

 Through the use of this website, PROMOPRESS hopes to inform and guide USERS in relation to its activities focused on the dissemination,  promotion, distribution and sale of publishing content.

 This website is intended for PROMOPRESS’s customers, subscribers, job applicants, employees, suppliers and collaborators, as well as for all USERS who access the website (hereafter all such persons will be referred to as USER(S)).

 In the event that the USER has any queries about these General Conditions, he or she may contact PROMOPRESS  at


3. Acceptance of conditions and use of the site

 Use of this website is governed by the following General Conditions of Use (hereinafter, GENERAL CONDITIONS). USERS should read them carefully, as access to this website and use of its content implies full acceptance of them.

 Access to this website and the information contained within it is completely free of charge, with the exception of the cost arising from the means employed to establish a connection.

 This website provides information on different services that can be contracted through contacting PROMOPRESS; these services will be provided according to the special conditions that the parties may agree to (hereinafter, SPECIAL CONDITIONS).

 PROMOPRESS wishes to inform USERS that for them to be able to access information on the website, it does not require their personal data. In the event that USERS carry out an online consultation, initiate any process related to the services offered or request one of the specific services offered via the site, it will be necessary to collect their personal data, and in such cases, USERS are referred to PROMOPRESS’s PRIVACY POLICY, which they must also read carefully, understand and accept.

By accepting this agreement, the USER declares:


a)      That he or she is a person of legal age and/or with the capacity to enter into agreements in accordance with the general laws on contracts for the State in which he or she lives.


b)      That he or she has read and understood and accepts the GENERAL CONDITIONS, PRIVACY POLICY and, where appropriate, the SPECIAL CONDITIONS.


  1.     Amendment of conditions

 The information on this website and the services offered on it are continuously evolving and developing so that the best experience and value possible can be provided.

 When any change is made that involves an amendment to the GENERAL CONDITIONS, the SPECIAL CONDITIONS and/or the PRIVACY POLICY, such amendment will be made and the aforementioned conditions will be updated and republished, and so it is advisable for the USER to periodically reread all of them, especially before he or she enters into any contract.

 Updated versions of the GENERAL CONDITIONS, the SPECIAL CONDITIONS and the PRIVACY POLICY will be available at all times on this website.

 The USER of this website will accept such amendments from the moment when he or she continues to use the website and/or the services provided.


  1.     The USER’s essential obligations.

 From the first moment at which the USER starts using the website and/or contracts the services offered on the website, he or she undertakes to third parties and to PROMOPRESS to comply with the following essential obligations:

 a)      To use the website without engaging in any acts that are illegal or illicit or contrary to the GENERAL CONDITIONS, the PRIVACY POLICY and, where appropriate, the SPECIAL CONDITIONS and updates to these.

 b)      To not damage, disable, overload or disrupt the website or prevent normal use or enjoyment of it.

 c)      To not make any attempt to: violate access levels; improperly process data; duplicate or export data or information protected by intellectual property rights or other legal rights; access restricted areas of the computer systems of PROMOPRESS or of third parties; or introduce programs, viruses or any other device that causes or may cause changes in the computer system of PROMOPRESS or of third parties.

 d)      To have knowledge of the technical and legal requirements for proper access to this website and, where appropriate, for contracting the products and/or services; these may involve downloading certain computer programs or other software to the USER’s computing devices.

 e)      To not use, link to, disclose, transfer or transmit to third parties in any way the content published on the website or part thereof or information from PROMOPRESS without prior express written authorization from PROMOPRESS.

 f)       To not damage the reputation of PROMOPRESS in any way, or engage in any activity or commenting that could damage the reputation and good name of PROMOPRESS.

 g)      To read, understand, and if the USER agrees with them, accept the GENERAL CONDITIONS, PRIVACY POLICY and, where applicable, SPECIAL CONDITIONS and updates to these, and more specifically PROMOPRESS’s LINKS POLICY and/or COOKIES POLICY.


  1.     Intellectual property

 This website, its content and its distinctive signs are protected by Spanish and international intellectual and industrial property laws; the entirety of these rights corresponds exclusively to PROMOPRESS, and use and exploitation of them is reserved.

 Any reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation and/or making available to the public and, in general, any other form of exploitation, by any procedure, of all or part of the content of this website, of the design, selection and presentational form of materials included in it, and of the brands and trade names included in it is prohibited. Such acts of exploitation may be performed only with prior express written authorization from PROMOPRESS and provided that explicit reference is made to PROMOPRESS’s ownership of the indicated intellectual and industrial property rights.

 Through using the website and/or contracting the services, the USER does not acquire any right in relation to these; the USER may simply use these in accordance with these GENERAL CONDITIONS and/or, where applicable, the SPECIAL CONDITIONS.

In the event that the USER becomes aware of any act that might infringe any intellectual or industrial property right or any other type of right, he or she should notify PROMOPRESS by sending a message to the following email address


  1.     Privacy Policy

 In compliance with the provisions of state and European regulations on the protection of personal data, PROMOPRESS informs USERS that the personal data that PROMOPRESS’s clients, subscribers, job applicants, employees, suppliers, collaborators or website users may share with PROMOPRESS (collectively referred to hereafter as the “USER(S)”), whether through the corresponding form on PROMOPRESS’s website, the email address provided for the purposes of contacting PROMOPRESS’s team or any other means of communication, will be incorporated into a file whose owner and data controller is PROMOTORA DE PRENSA INTERNACIONAL, S.A. with CIF number A-08497992 and located at C/ Ausias Marc 124 08013-Barcelona, which is registered as a company dedicated to the dissemination, promotion, distribution and sale of publishing content, among other activities, and is recorded in the Barcelona Commercial Register, Volume 3829 Folio 227, sheet number 40383 (hereafter PROMOPRESS).


7.1.            What are personal data and what data are processed?

Personal data are pieces of information that identify or could be used to identify a person, such as first name, last name, image, voice, mailing address, email address, telephone number, official identity documents (NIF, NIE or passport), etc. and/or that are related to a physical person, such as their conditions, bank account, tastes, preferences, habits, behaviour, purchased products or services, etc.


All the following personal data will be processed:


a)      Data provided by the data subject and/or an entitled person by any means of communication, whether


  •          via the website, forms and/or email.
  •          via paper forms or devices recorded by hand.
  •          in the course of promotions, events or campaigns in which the USER is a participant.
  •          when contracting products and/or services.


b)      Data obtained through carrying out acts and/or process arising from the above activities.


d/ Data obtained through study and research into the USER’s previous data and/or behaviour and habits.


c)      Data obtained from events, promotions or campaigns that PROMOPRESS organizes, participates in and/or sponsors.


PROMOPRESS will process the personal data of all USERS, whether they are PROMOPRESS’s customers, subscribers, job applicants, employees, suppliers or collaborators.


Processing will only be carried out on a legitimate legal basis and in compliance at all times with the duty to provide information to the USER and other essential obligations in this regard.


7.2.            The data controller of USERS’ data

Personal data will be processed by PROMOTORA DE PRENSA INTERNACIONAL, S.A. with CIF number A-08497992 and located at C/ Ausias Marc 124 08013-Barcelona, which is registered as a company dedicated to the dissemination, research, design, editing, promotion, distribution and sale of publishing content, among other activities, and is recorded in the Barcelona Commercial Register, Volume 3829 Folio 227, sheet number 40383 (hereafter PROMOPRESS).


Data may also be processed by external collaborators that are required for the performance of appropriate acts or processing for the user and that PROMOPRESS has hired as a data processor, subject to compliance with the requirements laid down by law, such as:


a)      Computer services, hosting services and telecommunications networks.

b)      Employment, accounting and/or legal management services.

c)      Cleaning and maintenance services.

d)      information storage, management and destruction services.

e)      Transportation services.

f)       Marketing and advertising services.


 7.3.            Purposes of, modality of, and legal basis for processing of personal data

Personal data will be processed in accordance with the purposes described below and in compliance with the modality and legal basis described for each purpose.


7.4.            Provision of the services requested

PROMOPRESS will process the personal data of users who request information, an activity, a product and/or a service from PROMOPRESS by any means to:


a)      Answer and/or carry out that activity and/or service, as well as to maintain the professional and/or contractual relationship that may have been established.


b)      Provide customer service by any of the means of communication provided for that purpose.


c)      Manage billing, collection or claims related to the services contracted.


d)      Produce statistics, studies and research aimed at evaluating the services contracted.


e)      Maintain the proper provision of the service and/or comply with any obligation or regulations related to the services contracted.


PROMOPRESS informs USERS that to suitably achieve the purposes described, the necessary  data will be processed and will be specified whenever a service is contracted.


The time period during which data will be stored will be the period during which a professional and/or contractual relationship is maintained with the USER plus the time frame of 6 years pursuant to the applicable taxation regulations.


The legal basis for this processing is the provision of the products and/or services contracted and/or requested.


The USER may exercise in relation to PROMOPRESS his or her rights of access, rectification, erasure, opposition, limitation and portability and/or withdraw his or her consent by sending a message, together with a copy of his or her NIF, to the email address


7.5.            Legitimate interest of research, information and improvements to services

PROMOPRESS will process personal data provided by USERS as well as data subsequently generated by use of the services for the following purposes:


a)      Carrying out statistical research via a study of USERS’ preferences, tastes and/or purchasing habits to bring about innovations in and improve service provision and/or content in the future.


b)      Sending USERS information, promotions and/or activities from PROMOPRESS that are related to the products and/or services provided. All such communications will be carried out via the communication channels (email, mailing address or mobile phone) provided.


The category of data processed will be all data provided by USERS and all data generated by PROMOPRESS.


The time period for the conservation of USERS’ data for the purposes of processing and studies will be the period strictly necessary to carry out this work without the possibility of anonymizing the data. The time period for the conservation of data for the purpose of contacting users is indefinite while users are interested in receiving information about PROMOPRESS’s activities and related information.


The legal bases for such processing are the legitimate interest that PROMOPRESS has to innovate and improve services and keep USERS informed of the activities undertaken by PROMOPRESS that may be of interest to USERS. At any time, USERS will be able to unsubscribe from communications by selecting the tab provided for such purpose.


Equally, the USER may exercise in relation to PROMOPRESS his or her rights of access, rectification, erasure, opposition, limitation and portability and/or withdraw his or her consent, by sending a message, together with a copy of his or her NIF, to the email address


7.6.            Sending of information and commercial communications

PROMOPRESS informs USERS who request to receive information that their data will be collected and processed for the following purposes:


a)      Managing the commercial relationship and orders and purchases with PROMOPRESS.


b)      Conducting a study of the USER’s personal profile of purchases and consumption habits in order to be able to provide products and services of greatest interest and thus be able to improve the USER’s experience.


c)      Sending the USER information and news related to PROMOPRESS’s activities and exclusive offers and keeping the USER informed of PROMOPRESS’s activities, offers, promotions, competitions and/or events, through the communication channels provided (email address, postal address, mobile phone).


In the even that a USER does not wish to receive commercial communications, he or she must indicate this in the corresponding tab provided for this purpose.


The legitimate basis for processing is, first of all, provision of the services requested by the USER and, in addition, the USER’s express consent provided to this end, in the event that he or she wishes to receive information and commercial communications from PROMOPRESS or to participate in its competitions, promotions and/or events.


All the USER’s information will be processed with absolute confidentiality and the upholding of all necessary security measures to safeguard it. In addition, PROMOPRESS informs the USER that it will only transfer his or her personal data to companies when this is strictly necessary to comply with the contracting of products and/or services, such as banking institutions for payment for products or transportation companies for handling of shipments. There will be no international transfers of the USER’s data.


All PROMOPRESS’s communications will bear the PROMOPRESS mark. If the USER detects any incident or fraud, he or she should let PROMOPRESS know so that the necessary measures can be taken.


Furthermore, PROMOPRESS informs the USER that it will retain his or her personal data for the duration of the provision of the service and/or until the USER revokes his or her consent, notwithstanding the legal obligations to conserve and/or transfer information that are specified in tax legislation for a maximum of 6 years under tax law. Once these time periods have ended, the information will be destroyed in a secure manner and with every guarantee of confidentiality.


7.7.            Sending of information to third parties and special events and promotions

PROMOPRESS will process the personal data of USERS who give their express consent, once they have been priorly informed of the processing that PROMOPRESS seeks to undertake, especially for:


a)      The organization of special promotions or competitions by PROMOPRESS.


b)      The receipt of related information and promotions from third parties that the USER has shown an interest in and/or has given his or her consent to.


The category of personal data will be that of the data requested at any given moment, and the data may include the image and/or voice of all those participants.


The time period for the conservation of these data from promotional events is undefined, as the images may be disseminated indefinitely and across the world in any media, format, website or social network.


With regard to the personal data required for the proper running of the particular promotion or competition, the time period will be that set by applicable tax laws, which has a minimum duration of 6 years.


The time period for conservation of personal data used to communicate with the USER will be indefinite and last until the USER revokes his or her consent and/or unsubscribes from communications through the process established for this purpose.


The legal basis for this processing will be the USER’s free, specific, unambiguous and informed consent for the processing specified in each case.


The withdrawal of consent for this processing and/or the exercise of the rights of access, rectification, erasure, opposition, limitation and portability may be carried out by the USER's sending a written message, together with a copy of his or her NIF, to the email address


7.8.            Minors

PROMOPRESS may process data pertaining to or provide services to children under the age of 18 years, provided in all cases that these services are contracted by their parents or guardians.


PROMOPRESS does not intentionally collect information from persons under the age of 18 years without the express written consent of their parents and/or guardians. In addition, PROMOPRESS will use the relevant technical means to prevent minors from contracting the services offered by PROMOPRESS and/or from participating in PROMOPRESS’s events or promotions without the consent of their parents or guardians.


If PROMOPRESS becomes aware that a minor is using this website or the services offered by PROMOPRESS and/or participating in PROMOPRESS’s events or promotions, it will erase the information sent and inform the competent authority or agency. To this end, PROMOPRESS requests the collaboration of all USERS such that if any USER detects the disclosure and/or use of any of these data, he or she should notify PROMOPRESS of this via the email address provided, in order for PROMOPRESS to be able to proceed as appropriate.


7.9.            Obligation to provide personal data

Unless specifically stated otherwise, all data requested from users in forms are mandatory. A refusal to provide required data will make it impossible to handle the specific request and/or provide the services concerned.


In addition, USERS must also communicate any modification to their personal data so that the information held is up to date at all times and does not contain errors. In this regard, the USER states that the information and data provided are accurate, current and truthful.


7.10.        Parties that PROMOPRESS shares USERS’ data with

PROMOPRESS will not transfer USERS’ personal data to any third party without having first informed USERS and obtained their consent.


All such third parties will maintain the same level of protection of USERS’ personal data as that committed to in this PRIVACY POLICY and/or that required under regulations on data protection or cybersecurity.


7.11.        International transfers of personal data

PROMOPRESS notifies USERS that the information contained and/or collected on the website is stored on servers located in the EU, without international data transfer of any kind.


7.12.        Storage period for personal data

The time period for storing USERS’ personal data will be that established in each specific case and/or in the legislation applicable to each case.


7.13.        Exercise of rights

PROMOPRESS informs USERS that they have the following rights:


a)      Access: allows the data subject to obtain information on whether PROMOPRESS is processing personal data related to him or her and, in such a case, provides him or her the right to obtain information on his or her personal data that are subject to processing.


b)      Rectification: allows the data subject to correct errors and modify data that are inaccurate or incomplete.


c)      Erasure: allows data to be erased and no longer be processed by PROMOPRESS, unless there is a legal obligation to preserve them and/or there are no other prevailing legitimate reasons for PROMOPRESS’s processing of the data. For example, when personal data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which the data were collected, the user may request erasure of such data without an undue delay.


d)      Limitation: under the legally established conditions, this allows data processing to be halted, in such a way as data will not be processed in the future by PROMOPRESS, which will only retain them for the exercise or defence of claims.


e)      Opposition: in certain circumstances and for reasons related to the USER’s particular situation, the USER may oppose the processing of his or her data. PROMOPRESS will cease to process the data, except for prevailing legitimate reasons or the exercise or defence of potential claims.


f)       Portability: allows the user to receive his or her personal data and be able to transmit them directly to another data controller in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format.


The USER may exercise his or her rights of access, rectification, erasure, limitation of processing, opposition and data portability or revoke his or her consent by sending a written message along with a photocopy of his or her DNI to the following email


7.14.        Appeals to a supervisory authority

In the event that the USER seeks information or has questions in this respect, he or she should contact PROMOPRESS through its websites. PROMOPRESS also reminds USERS of the address of the Spanish Data Protection Agency for the purposes of any claim and/or additional information about USERS’ rights:


7.15.        Security

PROMOPRESS undertakes to adopt technical and organizational security measures established by regulations to ensure the security of USERS’ personal data and to avoid any unauthorized alteration of, loss of, processing of or access to data, taking into account the state of technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which they are exposed, all in accordance with the applicable regulations.


7.16.        Transfer to PROMOPRESS of the data of third parties

In the event that a USER provides PROMOPRESS with the personal data of third parties, the USER states that he or she has obtained that party’s consent to transfer the data to PROMOPRESS.


7.17.        Changes to the PRIVACY POLICY

PROMOPRESS may update this PRIVACY POLICY at any time. An updated version of this PRIVACY POLICY will always be available on this website. If these changes have unforeseen effects on this PRIVACY POLICY, PROMOPRESS will inform USERS with sufficient notice of this subsequent processing by the provided means of contact, so that, where applicable, USERS may exercise their rights as they deem appropriate.


  1.       Social Networks

The service provider of PROMOPRESS’s official profiles on the social networks FACEBOOK®, TWITTER®, INSTAGRAM®, PINTEREST and LINKEDIN® is PROMOPRESS.

Access to and use of these official PROMOPRESS profiles requires acceptance of the Social Networks section of the Special Conditions, acceptance of the GENERAL CONDITIONS and of the PRIVACY POLICY as described, and acceptance of the policies and rules of the social network platforms FACEBOOK®, TWITTER®, INSTAGRAM®, PINTEREST and LINKEDIN.®

However, the overall functioning of the social network is regulated first of all by the conditions laid down by the owner and/or provider of the network and, second of all, by the present conditions.

PROMOPRESS may remove from its sites, profiles and accounts any information that goes against the rules laid down in the present GENERAL CONDITIONS or the PRIVACY POLICY and/or by the owner of the social network, or that is against the law, morality or public order.

Similarly, the owners or providers of the social networks may delete content, either at their own initiative or following a report from another user, that goes against the regulations or operating rules imposed by the provider of each of the networks.

To stop following PROMOPRESS’s site, profile or account, the USER should follow the steps indicated in each network provider’s conditions of operation and use; PROMOPRESS cannot intervene in this process.

However, PROMOPRESS reserves the right to create, edit, modify and/or delete sites, profiles and accounts, without priorly notifying USERS.

Social network profiles and accounts are aimed at those over the age of 14. However, the OFFICIAL SITES are targeted at adults, and so minors over the age of 14 years must not register on or use any service offered on the OFFICIAL SITES, profile or account of PROMOPRESS on social networks, or provide any personal information.

PROMOPRESS will take the necessary steps to prevent minors’ use of the OFFICIAL SITES and/or social network profile or account, to the extent possible.

Permitted and prohibited uses: The official PROMOPRESS profile on the aforementioned social networks provides a space where USERS can publish and exchange information and content, as well communicate with multiple other USERS.

This use cannot have a financial or commercial purpose.

The USER is obligated to make reasonable use of the aforementioned official PROMOPRESS profiles and their content, in accordance with the possibilities and purposes based on which they were designed and in accordance with the uses and customs, morality, legislation in force, these rules and the rules and policies published by the social networks. The USER shall be solely responsible for the information, images, opinions, allusions or content of any kind that he or she communicates, hosts, transmits, makes available or displays on PROMOPRESS’s page and official profile on social networks.

PROMOPRESS cannot be held to have editorial responsibility over the content published by the USER and expressly declares that it does not align itself with any of the views that USERS may publish on PROMOPRESS’s official profile on social networks, the consequences of which are entirely the responsibility of the party that conveys them.

In all cases, the use of PROMOPRESS’s official profile on these social networks for illegal or unauthorized purposes, regardless of whether this use is for an economic objective, is prohibited, and more specifically, per the following nonexhaustive list, the following acts are prohibited:

  •    Hosting, storing, disclosing, publishing, distributing or sharing any content that may be considered prejudicial in any form to: the fundamental rights to honour, reputation and personal and family privacy of third parties; data protection; and, especially, minors.
  •    Hosting, storing, disclosing, publishing, distributing or sharing images or photographs that contain personal images or data of third parties where the appropriate consent of the subjects concerned has not been obtained.
  •    Hosting, storing, disclosing, publishing, distributing or sharing any content that violates the confidentiality of communications or infringes intellectual property rights or the rules governing the protection of personal data.
  •    Reproducing, distributing, making available or otherwise sharing, within or outside of the official PROMOPRESS profile on social networks, photographs or images that have been made available by other USERS of the aforementioned page.
  •    Hosting, storing, disclosing, publishing, distributing or sharing any material or information that is illegal, racist, obscene, pornographic, abusive, defamatory, deceptive, fraudulent or in any way contrary to morality or public order.
  •    Using the service to insult, defame, intimidate, violate the personal reputation of or harass other USERS and/or third parties.
  •    Introducing viruses , malware or hosting, storing, distributing or sharing any other materials or computer programs that may cause damage or alterations to the content, programs or systems of the official PROMOPRESS profile on social networks.
  •    Using the official PROMOPRESS profile on social networks to send advertising or commercial communications, to communicate messages for advertising purposes or to collect data for such purpose.
  •    Using the official PROMOPRESS profile on social networks to send mass and/or repeated unsolicited emails to multiple people, or sending email to the addresses of third parties without their consent, regardless of the purpose behind such acts.
  •    Impersonating a third party for any purpose.

PROMOPRESS may bring to the attention of and collaborate when appropriate with the competent police, judicial and/or administrative authorities if illegal use of its page and official profile on social networks is detected.

USERS are informed that the content and services offered through the official PROMOPRESS profile on social networks--including text, graphics, images, animations, musical creations, videos, sounds, drawings, photographs, comments, expositions and html code belonging to the company, as well as the trademarks, trade names or distinctive signs that appear, without this list being exhaustive--are protected by the laws of intellectual and industrial property. Ownership of the rights over any content mentioned above may correspond both to PROMOPRESS and to physical and/or legal third-party persons.

The publication of the aforementioned content through the official PROMOPRESS profile on social networks does not in any case imply the assignment, waiver or transmission, in whole or in part, of ownership of the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights by PROMOPRESS and/or legitimate third-party rights holders to the USER.

Under no circumstances will the USER be able to use existing services and content on the site where such use is not exclusively personal.


  1.       Special Conditions for Purchases

 The website makes available to the USER many kinds of information, publications, books and events related to many types of sectors, such as design, art, fashion, textiles, homewares, footwear, leather goods, cultural activities, jewellery, watches, gemmology, antiques, collectibles, architecture, interiors, furniture, lighting and decoration, as well as to the activities of entities related to those sectors.


It also offers on a commercial basis via the website different content and/or editorial products.


And it also provides a USER AREA, access to which is as follows:


9.1.     Registration

The USER must complete fields specified as OBLIGATORY.


In particular, the USER will provide:


  •          First and last names.
  •          Email address.
  •          User name and password comprising 5 alphanumeric characters.
  •          Company, CIF or NIF, as applicable.
  •          Address
  •          Province:
  •          Postal code
  •          City
  •          Landline and/or mobile
  •          Shipping address
  •          Payment terms: by credit card: card details, first name and last name and/or data required by PayPal.


The USER must indicate whether or not he or she wishes to receive information, periodic communications, advertising and/or promotions from PROMOPRESS by ticking the appropriate box in the event that he or she does NOT want to receive this type of information.


The USER must also indicate whether he or she has read and accepts the PRIVACY POLICY, the GENERAL CONDITIONS and the SPECIAL CONDITIONS applicable in each case.


It is important for the USER to read these paragraphs carefully, since they contain relevant information on his or her rights, on how his or her personal data is obtained and processed, on the rules governing and binding the use of this website and on the relationship between the USER and PROMOPRESS.


It is very important for the USER to be informed that both his or her personal data and the information and documentation that he or she provides to PROMOPRESS will be treated as absolutely confidential.


The information and personal data provided must be accurate, precise and true; the USER assumes any liability if this is not the case.


9.2.     My Account

Once the USER has registered, he or she has a access to a personal area on the website where he or she can see content, information and his or her purchases, as well as modify his or her data and manage his or her subscriptions and/or any activity related to PROMOPRESS.


9.3.     Use of My Account

Once the USER has registered, he or she can access “My Account” by entering his or her username or email address and his or her password. Each personal account is unique and nontransferable, and it is forbidden for a USER to register or possess more than one account. In the event that PROMOPRESS detects different accounts that contain matching data or ones that are related to the same USER, it may disable some or all of these accounts. The USER is responsible for all transactions carried out in “My Account,” since access to it is restricted via the use of his or her username and password, which are known exclusively by the USER.


The user undertakes to notify PROMOPRESS, immediately and by appropriate means, of any unauthorized use of “My Account,” as well as access by unauthorized third parties to it. PROMOPRESS makes it clear that that the sale, assignment or transfer of an account under any arrangement is prohibited.


PROMOPRESS reserves the right to reject any registration request or cancel a previously accepted registration without any obligation on its part to communicate or describe the reasons for its decision and without any right to compensation or redress arising.


9.4.       Products

The user will be able to purchase products under the published conditions and prices.


The price, the corresponding VAT, the availability and the conditions of such products will be duly published.


It is necessary to add to the published prices the costs involved in shipping and other import and/or export taxes that may be applied to the product and/or its shipping, where applicable.


9.5.       Price

The price of each product will be that set out on the website, except in the case of an obvious error. In the latter case, as soon as PROMOPRESS has knowledge of the error, it will proceed to correct it and inform the USER by email in the event that this product is included in his or her order.


PROMOPRESS is not obligated to supply any products at the incorrect lower price (even having sent the confirmation of purchase) if the error in the price is obvious and unambiguous and would have been reasonably recognizable as an incorrect price by an average consumer.


VAT must be added to the price as appropriate, depending on the applicable tax laws of the territory to which the product will be delivered.


Moreover, the costs of shipping, import and/or export taxes and/or special packaging are also not included in the price, unless otherwise indicated; the cost of these will be established in accordance with the courier company’s scale.


9.6.            Special promotions for REGISTERED USERS

PROMOPRESS may run contests and promotions, participation in which is completely voluntary. USERS who participate in these accept all of the terms and conditions as may be specified at the appropriate time.


9.7.            Purchases

USERS who wish to purchase products must click on the “Buy” section and fill in the purchase information for such purpose.


9.8.            Purchase Confirmation

Once the purchase has been made, the USER receives an email containing the Purchase Confirmation, which will contain


     . A link to the purchase and shipping conditions for the product


  •          The selected order together with a “Reference Number,” which the USER will use to identify his or her order.


  •          The final amount for the order and the corresponding VAT at the time at which the contract is formed.


  •          In the event that the order involves a promotion, the previous price together with the reduced price will be indicated clearly.


  •          The total for shipping costs.


  •          An estimated delivery date for the order.


In the event that the USER is not satisfied with the order and/or its conditions, he or she may cancel and/or modify the order by contacting PROMOPRESS via the email address provided for that purpose, and under the forms, time frames and conditions set forth in these conditions.


9.9.            Payment Form and Security

The USER may pay for his or her order using Visa, Mastercard or PayPal.


In the event that the POS (Point-of-Sale Terminal) reports that the card has been refused, the order will be cancelled automatically, and the user will be informed of the cancellation by email.


For payments made with cards issued outside of Spain, it is necessary for the issuing bank to be enrolled in the Secure Electronic Commerce (SEC) security protocol. Payments made using cards that do not meet this requirement will not be accepted.


The proof of purchase that the USER will receive by email once the purchase has been confirmed is a substitute for an invoice for tax and manufacturer’s warranty purposes. However, he or she may request an invoice in the purchase process; to do so, the user must provide his or her NIF, first and last names or business name, and billing address. Once the purchase has been completed  PROMOPRESS will send an electronic invoice to the USER’s email address.


Purchases made by credit card are performed completely securely. PROMOPRESS’s server uses SSL encryption technology, and all payment operations are conducted via secure platforms, thus ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of the data provided.


SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology allows all personal data requested in a transaction, such as the USER’s name, address or credit card number, to be transmitted securely. Encryption is the coding of data in such a way that only those involved in a transaction can read them. Encryption prevents external individuals from intercepting transactions and discovering their contents.


9.10.        Shipping

Shipping of deliveries within the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) will be undertaken by the transport company GLS Spain ; international orders will be undertaken by UPS.


Shipments to Ceuta, Melilla, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands will be undertaken by GLS Spain too.


Except for the acquisition of digital products, the other products will incur shipping costs.

The conditions, time and cost of shipping will depend on the country of destination, the weight and volume of the order, which will be specified before confirming the purchase and shipping of the selected order.


Import duties, fees and taxes are not included in the item price or shipping costs. These charges are borne by the buyer and should not be confused as additional shipping costs. Consult the customs authorities of your country to determine the value of these additional costs before bidding for an item or buying it.


9.11.        Order Delivery

The USER will receive the order at the address listed for that purpose. If there is an error in the address stated, PROMOPRESS disclaims all liability; in such case the USER should directly contact the courier company in order to provide the correct delivery information for the order and, where applicable, assume the additional costs that may arise.


The USER receiving the order must notify the courier company of any change in the delivery address to one that differs from the stated address, doing so at his or her own risk.


The receiving USER also undertakes to ensure that there is always someone available for delivery or for quick retrieval of the goods from the postal and/or courier company.


If the goods are damaged, the USER should immediately notify the postal and/or courier company. The insurance company of the postal and/or courier company will indicate the actions to be taken to the receiving USER. The receiving USER must also retain the goods and all packaging and labelling.


Orders will be delivered to the address specified by the USER during the purchase process on the website. In the event that no one is available during delivery, GLS Spain for Spanish deliveries  or UPS for international ones will send a notification text message and provide a contact telephone number so that the USER may request a new delivery at a time suitable for him or her. The second delivery will take place on the date agreed over the phone. If it is not possible to complete the delivery during this second attempt, the USER’s order will be deposited at the closest GLS (Spanish deliveries) or UPS (international deliveries) agency, to the USER’s delivery address; the USER may collect it from this location within a period of 10 days.


In the event of any problem or query regarding the conditions, USERS may contact PROMOPRESS at


9.12.        Changes and Returns

Editorial products cannot be returned unless they are defective.


If USERS have any questions, they should contact PROMOPRESS at


9.13.        Defective Products

In the event that a product is defective, the USER will inform PROMOPRESS and send the product to it so that PROMOPRESS may assess and evaluate the defect.


The shipping costs for defective products will be borne by PROMOPRESS.


Once PROMOPRESS has examined the defect, it will inform the user by email within a period of 30 days of its decision as to whether or not a refund and/or replacement for the product will be issued.


The refund and/or replacement will be effected as soon as possible and, in any case, within 30 days from the date on which the decision is sent out.


In the event that a defective product cannot be replaced, the money amount paid will be refunded, including the costs involved in delivery of the defective product. The refund will be issued in the same payment form as that used to make the purchase.


9.14.        Products in stock

In the event that the stock of a purchased product has run out, PROMOPRESS will contact the USER via his or her email address to offer another similar product, inform him or her of when the product will be available or offer to cancel the order, refunding the amount paid within a maximum period of 30 days, by the same means of payment chosen at the time of purchase.


9.15.        Formation of the purchase contract

The information contained in the GENERAL CONDITIONS and SPECIAL CONDITIONS does not constitute an offer to sell but an invitation to treat. No contract will exist between the USER and PROMOPRESS in connection with any product until the USER’s order has been expressly confirmed by PROMOPRESS, by means of the receipt by email of the Purchase Confirmation, at which time the Purchase Contract will be formed.


If the USER’s offer is not accepted and a charge has already been made to his or her account, the amount will be repaid in full.


  1.   Liability

 PROMOPRESS will seek at all times to provide the service with the highest quality possible. Without prejudice to the foregoing, PROMOPRESS declines all liability arising from failures, interruptions or damage caused by system failure, interference, disconnection or service malfunction.

 Likewise, PROMOPRESS declines all liability and/or assumption of loss or damage of any kind or nature arising from the unauthorized acts of any third party by any means or from improper or inadequate use of the website on the part of USERS, and in all cases, PROMOPRESS does not assume any liability arising from acts or negligence outside its control and that may or may not affect, directly or indirectly, the servers and other computer equipment of the USER or third parties.

 The USER agrees to indemnify and hold harmless from any and all liability PROMOPRESS, its subsidiaries, its affiliates, its officers, its directors and its collaborators and/or employees in relation to any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, submitted by third parties, as a result of the USER’s improper or unauthorized use of the website and/or the services offered, as a result of infringement by the USER of the GENERAL CONDITIONS, SPECIAL CONDITIONS, where applicable, and/or the PRIVACY POLICY, or as a result of any infringement of any law or right.

 PROMOPRESS cannot guarantee the absence of viruses or other harmful elements that may affect the USER’s hardware, and so the USER should take measures to avoid possible risks of this type with reference to the current state of telecommunications.

 PROMOPRESS is not responsible for interruptions to the website caused by force majeure or by circumstances that are beyond its control.

 In addition, PROMOPRESS may interrupt access temporarily owing to security measures or to the restructuring of computer resources in order to improve use of the website.

 PROMOPRESS only provides the USER with the information published on the site. Therefore, the USER is solely responsible for the correct use of it and for such use being in accordance with the GENERAL CONDITIONS, SPECIAL CONDITIONS, where applicable, and the PRIVACY POLICY.

 If the USER is dissatisfied with his or her use of the website, its content or it services, or with some portion of the GENERAL CONDITIONS, the PRIVACY POLICY and/or the SPECIAL CONDITIONS, his or her sole and exclusive remedy will be to cease accessing the website and/or using its services.


  1.   Links and Cookies

 If the USER uses any link or banner that links away from this website, he or she must be aware that he or she will be browsing another site on the Internet, whose rules of use and privacy policy are beyond PROMOPRESS’s control; as a result, it is advisable for the USER to review such rules of use and privacy policy, in order to ascertain the applicable rules and the way in which his or her personal data are processed.

 It is forbidden to include content or provide services on third-party web pages that may damage the image of PROMOPRESS or this website; PROMOPRESS reserves the right to prohibit, restrict, or demand the removal of links made, when it deems this appropriate, without under any circumstances its being obliged to pay any compensation for this reason.

 PROMOPRESS’s website (  uses cookies, which are small files that contain information about the USER’s navigation of the Site and whose main purpose is to facilitate the USER’s navigation of it. USERS should continue reading to find out more about the cookies that PROMOPRESS uses, their purpose, and other relevant information.


What are cookies?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded from the Site when it is accessed and used. Cookies allow PROMOPRESS to store and retrieve information about the USER’s browsing habits on the site. The information obtained is related, for example, to the number of pages that the USER visits, the frequency and recurrence of the visits, the length of time of visits, etc.


What kind of Cookies may PROMOPRESS use?

 a)      According to the entity that manages the cookies:

 First-party cookies: these are cookies that are sent to the USER’s device from PROMOPRESS’s own hardware or domains, from which PROMOPRESS provides the service requested by the USER on the Site.

 Third-party cookies: these are cookies that are sent to the USER’s device from hardware or a domain that is not managed by PROMOPRESS but by another collaborating entity.

 b)      According to the period of time during which the cookies remain activated:

 Session cookies: these cookies store the information required during the session and changes related to it.

 Persistent cookies: these are stored on the hard drive and PROMOPRESS’s site reads them each time a new visit is made. A persistent cookie has a specific expiry date. The cookie will cease to function after that date.

 c)      According to purpose:

 Technical cookies: are cookies required for navigation and the proper functioning of the Site. 

 Personalization Cookies: these cookies allow the USER to access the service with certain predefined characteristics based on a series of criteria--for example, language, the type of browser through which the service is accessed, the regional settings for the location from which the service is accessed, etc.

 Analytic cookies: these cookies allow the number of USERS to be quantified and measurement and statistical analysis of USERS’ use of the provided services to be performed.

 USERS who do not want to allow the use of cookies on the Site should follow these instructions:

These procedures are subject to update or modification on the part of browser developers; PROMOPRESS cannot guarantee that they conform fully to the latest version available at any given time.

 To prevent the installation of cookies, the instructions that correspond to the USER’s browser should be followed:


  •          Internet Explorer: in the menu “Tools > Internet Options,” go to the “Privacy” tab, select the desired settings and press the “Advanced” button. Select the check box “Override automatic cookie handling.” Check the “Activate” or “Block” boxes. PROMOPRESS recommends that USERS enable the option “Always allow session cookies” to allow for optimal Site navigation.



  •          Firefox: in the “Tools > Options” menu, go to the “Privacy” tab. Check or uncheck the “Accept cookies from sites” box or “Tell websites not to track me,” depending on the USER’s version of the browser. It is also possible to delete cookies installed by clicking on “delete cookies individually.”


  •          Chrome: From the “Tools > Settings” menu, go to the tab “Privacy > Content settings.” After selecting “Show advanced options,” the USER should select his or her preferred cookie settings. If the USER does not want to allow installation of cookies, he or she can select the “block third-party site data and cookies.”


  •          Opera :In the “Settings > Options” menu, go to the “Advanced” tab. In the “Cookies” menu select the options “accept tracking” or “never accept cookies.” It is recommended that USERS who wish to have a higher level of control over the cookies that are installed on their device select the option “ask before accepting cookies.”


  •          Safari: in the menu “Tools > Preferences,” go to the “Security” tab. In the “accept cookies” menu, select “always” or “never.” USERS who have an iPhone need to access “Settings > Safari” and select whether or not to accept cookies from there.

USERS of other browsers can obtain more information about how to configure the installation of cookies through the help or assistance section of their browser.


USERS who need help with configuring cookies settings on their browsers should send an email to; PROMOPRESS will contact the USER as soon as possible with the required information.


Updates and changes to the Cookies Policy:

PROMOPRESS may modify this Cookies Policy according to legislative requirements or regulations, or to adapt the policy to instructions issued by the Spanish Data Protection Agency; USERS are therefore advised to consult the policy on a regular basis.


  1.   Severability

 If any clause included in these GENERAL CONDITIONS and/or SPECIAL CONDITIONS is declared partially or totally void or unenforceable, this will affect only the void or unenforceable provision or part; the remainder of the GENERAL CONDITIONS and SPECIAL CONDITIONS will remain in effect, and the affected provision or part will be treated as removed.


  1.     Applicable law and jurisdiction

 For any issue or disagreement that may occur in relation to the website, content and services contracted, the USER and PROMOPRESS, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may be applicable to them, expressly submit to the application of Spanish legislation and the jurisdiction of the Spanish Courts, with express submission to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Barcelona, unless the applicable legislation requires a different jurisdiction or law.